Our Story (continued)

Before Renovation
A volunteer team fully renovated this house. It housed a homeless family until the time came for a park to be developed on that land. The City offered another house it owned with the proviso that we move it off the site.
Two building lots located just a few blocks away were then donated by a complete stranger who liked our vision. The old house was towed to the new lot.

The East King County Master Builders Association and the Windermere Foundation renovated the old building as a community service project.

After Renovation
Two years later a duplex was erected on the adjacent lot, again with donated services of the Master Builders and others. These contractors have hearts of gold!
Compassion House is now able to provide housing and compassionate support to three distressed families. Throughout these amazing events, we keenly felt  the hand of Divine Providence!
Volunteers from churches and other faith-based organizations in the community work together to provide the compassionate care that is key to the Compassion House concept. Compassion House is incorporated as a 501c3 non-profit charitable organization, run by a Board of Directors comprised of church members and other local leaders. The board is exploring new avenues for expanded service in the future.