Volunteer Roles

TeamSupport Team Member

Each resident has a support team of caring volunteers who come along side and “do life” with with the resident as extended family and friends, mentors and life coaches, from a Christian perspective of love and truth. We provide training in things you need to know, such as recognizing and working with victims of abuse, understanding relational boundaries, helping without enabling.

Specialized Skills for Residents’ Needs

Low-income people have no way to pay for many common needs: dental work, doctoring, car repairs, kids’ tutoring, financial counseling, personal counseling. What can you offer, sporadically or regularly?

Facility Maintenance and Repair

Got a knack for painting and decorating, or handyman skills, or understand telecommunications equipment? We need you! Let us know what skills you have, and we’ll be glad to call you when need arises, or put you on regular team of maintenance workers.


The job’s not done til the paperwork’s done. We need people whose passion is to keep files in order, maintain our website, organize events, and otherwise provide the business framework that allows others to work directly with the residents.