Our Mission

Through the provision of transitional housing and support services, Compassion House helps women and their children find hope and wholeness, while recovering from abuse and hardships.

What We Do

Once the family is stabilized in comfortable housing, we provide the support required to re-build their life, overcome past troubles and develop effective life habits. We operate from a Christian philosophy of caring for those in need. While we are a faith-based organization, we do not consider spiritual beliefs, gender, age, race, education, or disabilities when working with clients.                                         


Services We Provide

Support Team – Each resident has a support team of caring volunteers who come along side and ‘do life’ with the resident as extended family and friends, mentors and ‘life coaches’. They are there to help the resident family examine the patterns of their life, re-shape the parts that currently hinder them from the goal of a self-sufficient life, and learn new decision-making skills.

What We Do

Personal Counselor – We provide each resident with a personal counselor, who meets with the resident in strict confidence to discuss and evaluate the issues in their life. The counselor does not share any information with anyone else.

Financial Counselor – We require each resident to meet with a financial counselor.

Rent Based on Income – We require the resident to pay as rent no more than 25% of their family income,

Community Connections – We help the residents interface with other social agencies such as the Issaquah Food Bank and Schools.